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Ders Riefkohl on Jan 10, 2020
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Sheila Walker on Jan 07, 2020
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I love the food. I usually have it delivered but today I was out so I decided to pick up instead. I arrived at 1:24 and left with my salad at 2:07. 1 salad. 6 people came and left while I waited. I was sitting 6ft from the register and at times I was the only person in the small cafe. I was never addressed. I never want to be a bother or a bad customer so I was being patient. Then I received my salad, that I've ordered 2x before in the last week, and I requested (and paid for) extra add-ons. After I'd left the store and checked my salad I saw that I only had 1 egg and that the container was the size of a half salad. I was told that the salad only comes with 1/2 an egg and that the container size is arbitrary. The previous times ordering the smoked salmon salad with add-ons I was given 2 full eggs and it came in the full size container. For $21.73 (including tip) this soured me on Kale me Crazy. I'm ok with the serving but it should be standardized so there will be no misunderstandings. Two star because I love the food, I was just very disappointed in the, not rude but, nonchalant attitude. Sorry so long. I wasn't going to complain or rate but I was asked to give my opinion. *1-09-2020 UPDATE As I stated, I love the food so like a true addict I went back for the same salad today. The young lady recognized me me when I walked in, gave me my salad and before I could say anything she said " This one is on us. Sorry about your wait (last time (! Personal attention and customer service is alive and well. I wasn't expecting or even accepting free food for my inconvenience but she insisted. Kudos and Thanks!

Catherine S. on Jan 08, 2020
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Just went in for the first time tonight. John was very helpful and gave me advice about juicing and cleansing, then recommended the Beet L Juice. So good. I...

LA LA on Dec 28, 2019
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Avocado toast...delicious!

Natasha Daniels Public Relations on Dec 13, 2019
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